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2008-05-25 10:57:14 by fuffka

Get my new album at on june 30th, 2008
Here is a list of the contents of the new album,

STATIK.. ( name of album)
1. Statik
2. Stranger remastered
3. Cluster remastered
4. Adictivness 3 min version.
5. Dementia house mix
6. HOUSE MIX ( Mix of song 1-5 , 5 min long)
7. Trance Anthem . Its started, about 30 seconds into the song

Ive attached the album cover design idea for the new album, tell me what you think

You will be able to get it all at on june 30th,
more album info is on



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2008-05-28 20:15:18

dude i'm soooooo going to buy it..

cant wait...

o and i have a qustion..... do u think u could maybe say that i helped with one of the songs like Cluster.... my fav,...
and quess what,.,..,. i have been getting my friends to give ur songs a 5 each day...
in total i think we brought cluster up 1.00 and some other one up like .80
so ya.....

but keep up the awesome work,.....

ur number one fan FallenPhoenix7..... Sasuke..Sama

fuffka responds:

DUDE! omg.. thanks so much =D
ill send u a link when its done
thanks for everything =D


2008-05-29 21:15:37

ide have to say you should make an ambient song named unknown lol.

fuffka responds:

yeaa ambient trance man =D


2008-05-31 23:54:17

Thanks for putting your comment in the right post. Not many people read the bottom of my post. I also checked out your music. I gave a 5 to your 4 latest ones because I think they actually deserve it. Great job.

fuffka responds:

thanks man =D


2008-06-01 14:26:50

nice cover...
when does it come out again...
great job on all of ur work....

ur number one fan FallenPhoenix7====(Sasuke-Sama)

fuffka responds:

june 30th might be earlier though,